Emergency Tourniquet Trainer

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Single Leg

The TraumaSim® Emergency Tourniquet Trainers silicone wound and bleeding artery increase realism to improve trainee skill and confidence under pressure.

It is a simulated thigh or upper arm with realistic wounds connected to a pump. Simulated blood flowing from the wound is stopped when the tourniquet is correctly applied. The fleshy wound end can also be used to demonstrate and practice stump dressing technique.

Features include:

  • Simulated Leg or Arm with amputation
  • Silicone skin and urethane bone
  • Rugged construction for field use
  • Packed in a rigid plastic trunk

Product includes:

  • All tubing and fittings required
  • 5-litre manual pressure pump
  • PVC sheet for table protection
  • Bench Clamps

Options available:

  • Single Unit
  • Double Unit
  • Four-limb Unit (choice of arms or legs)
  • Dressed in a washable cotton fabric


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