Motorcyclist First Aid Kit [Waterproof]

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Exsanguination (bleeding to death) is a leading cause of death in traumatic injuries and can happen in minutes. However, it can also be prevented with the right equipment and training. This kit has been designed specifically for the motorcyclist with contents to deal with life-threatening injuries (major blood loss), dehydration and other minor first aid situations.

The kit is small enough to fit under your seat and contents are packed in an airtight waterproof bag (up to 60 metres) and is perfect for keeping everything dry and clean. The bag is also resealable which means you can add your essential medications or other items with ease.

The RIDER RAT PAK the perfect kit that will fit right in with your existing setup or use it as a ‘stand-alone’ Emergency Response Kit. Contains arterial tourniquet and haemostatic dressing.

Kit Contents

1x RATS Tourniquet
1x Pair Nitrile Gloves
1x BleedSolv 05 cm x 10 cm

1x Wound Dressing No. 13
1x 14cm Trauma Shears
1x Permanent marker

1x Burnaid gel sachets (antiseptic formula)
2x Hydralyte sachets
2x Cleansing wipe (cuts, grazes and minor wounds)
2x Safety pins
6x Band-Aid’s

The RIDER RAT PAK measures 18cm high x 11.5cm wide (total kit size).

Training on kit contents is essential.

NOTE: We strongly recommend motorcyclists purchase additional haemostatic dressing and add to this kit. We would recommend the value pack or the 20 cm x 20 cm as an additional minimum inclusion.

The RIGHT training will save lives.